Imagine you could create…

effortless good posture;  freedom for your hips and low back;  relaxed shoulders and neck;  more power to move your body…

Get your body moving in a healthier and more enjoyable way – wherever you are starting from.  Train your mind, free your body! 

Franklin Method® helps you to gain a better understanding of your mind and how your thoughts are constantly affecting your body and your overall experience.  Increasing sensory awareness by learning about and experiencing your anatomy in new ways, helps you to create fast positive change.  You need strength and flexibility to move well – but you also need a well functioning nervous system to coordinate it all.   Franklin Method® functions like a bridge connecting mind, body and nervous system, and can also help you deal with chronic pain.

Rowena Hall, Franklin Method Educator, provides workshops and classes in the Ottawa area.  Experience the world renowned Franklin Method® and rediscover the joy to be found in moving.

“If you want to change your body, first change your mind.”  Eric Franklin


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