Workshop feedback:  “My body is feeling so much better after the class.”

Franklin Method is a structured approach to improving movement.  We give you the tools to feel and move better using experiential anatomy and dynamic imagery.

If you are curious about your body, you will want to discover how our novel, evidence based techniques help you to bridge the gap between cognitive knowledge and physical experience.  Wake up your brain, and experience how increased sensory awareness can give you more choices.  Rediscover: freedom from habitual tension, easier strength and flexibility, more relaxed breathing, better coordination and balance.

Get ready to feel more comfortable!  Become more functional, adaptable and dynamic by combining imagery with moving anatomy, and understanding more about how we actually create movement.  Renew the joy of living in your body!

Rowena Hall, Franklin Method Educator, provides online workshops and therapeutic movement classes in the Ottawa area.  Experience the world renowned Franklin Method® and get your body moving in a healthier and more enjoyable way – wherever you are starting from.  Train your mind, free your body! 

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“If you want to change your body, first change your mind.”  Eric Franklin


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