Franklin Method® can help you have…

Client feedback:  “It’s a whole new way of doing things!”

  • Better breathing and posture;  More flexibility and power  “Thanks for everything you do to help your students practice functional movement!  It’s a blessing in my life.”
  • Relief from persistent pain  “With the tools that I learned in the workshop, I am able to adjust my posture, align properly and more importantly, free the tension.  I went for a run this afternoon and I did not get the usual pain in my left shoulder.”
  • Improved brain function  “This work is helping my brain recover from the brain fog effects of chemotherapy.  I can now remember my library card number!”
  • Free and easy movement  “Rowena’s enthusiasm for the topic, the value she places on the visualization process and her desire to help her students achieve increased well-being made this workshop a great experience.”
  • Better balance and coordination  The workshop was helpful in changing the way I think about overall body function and exercise. 
  • Faster healing from injuries  “My body feels great.  I am not surprised as we spent 3 hours dedicated to making it feel optimized.  By visualizing the pelvic movements I can move with less muscle spasm.  My hip muscles and joints all move more freely, rather than before when one tight muscle would cause a cascade of morbidity throughout the complex.  Thank you!”
  • Better integration of mind and body  “The understanding of my body gained through the Franklin Method makes me feel confident in my body’s natural ability to be mobile and fully functional.”
  • More freedom and energy to do the things you love  “I started Pilates almost two years ago because physiotherapy was not improving my hip pain.  Through Pilates, I slowly learned to activate new muscles, to change how I stood and walked.  Although my hip pain improved enormously, I knew the joint still wasn’t moving optimally.  After the Franklin Method workshops on moving the pelvis and hips, I made a quantum leap.  I use the newly acquired imagery of my functioning skeleton when walking the dog, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming, as well as during Pilates classes.  I definitely feel more liberated and powerful in motion.”

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“Imaging function improves function.”  Eric Franklin


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