Rowena Hall

Client Feedback  “Thank you for your immense patience and kind support.  You have a lovely teaching style.  The insight on my posture and body reactions will have a lasting impact.”

Franklin Method has changed my life, and completely changed the way I exercise, teach and approach movement.

I became a certified Pilates teacher in 2002, having spent years being active and curious about how my body worked and what I could do to help myself feel better and avoid injury.  Although Pilates helped me enormously, I still sensed my body needed more…

I had been reading Eric Franklin’s books for years.  I loved the way his method pulled together so many of the topics that had been fascinating me:  embryology, evolution, the power of the mind, neuroplasticity, and the incredible wisdom inherent in our tissue.  I started training with Eric in 2011 and completed Level 3 in 2015.  But the learning never stops!

Franklin Method training has deepened my understanding of the body and the mind; and provided unique tools which, combined with my Pilates training, help me create freer, dynamic, functional movement for myself and for others.  I love to watch my students discover how using simple imagery and gaining more understanding of what is happening inside the body can instantly create positive change.  Experience a new state of being!

Franklin Method® Educator:

Level 1, 2011

Level 2, 2013

Level 3, 2015

Fascia Trainer for the Low Back, 2019


Certified Pilates Teacher NCPT


Rumi:  Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.


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